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LCD Soundsystem

A couple of eve’s ago I had tickets to witness LCD Sound System for the first time ever. I had worked a grueling shift at work and didn’t get much sleep over the weekend (too much fun was had with the lady). I almost didn’t want to go, even though the show was going to be held at Berkeley’s Greek Theatre (probably the best place to see a show around these parts of town) and the sun was out and the show was on a Sunday - and early at that. I managed to get my shit together, slammed some caffeine and got pretty (well I don’t know if I would call it that) and lowered the shit out of my expectations. We got there early and managed to get the best seats in the house, right behind sound guy. Shit, this could be good?

I was sitting there eating the hell out of freeze dried apple chips with the sun beating on my face when TV On The Radio appeared. I've seen them roughly 5 times in the past and they were one of the reasons I went. I was immediately thrown off because the drum levels were too damn low. I so badly wanted to feel the kick drum in my chest but I was even struggling to hear the snare crack. Through the midst of my frustration, I realized they were going for more of an ambient sound. In that, they sounded amazingly beautiful and as authentic as fuck. I was able to let go of my needs and go with it and was once again so hugely impressed with their unique and richly layered sound.

Everyone I know has said to me LCD is an incredible experience live - and you have to see them!! Truly one of the best bands to see and get off on, and every time they have come around I kept missing them and kept hearing the same shit, and have been fuck! I missed that shit again! So this time I actually did the count down and waited by the computer for the timer to buzz so I could get my pass to feel this shit.

It’s been years since I have drugged myself at a show and I am always looking reach new levels of sober highness. As soon as I saw their stage set up I was giddy with anticipation. I am only mildly familiar with their tunes but it didn’t matter. The sound was crystal clear. I got my thumping kick drum in the chest, I got my cracking snare, as well as an amazing array of percussion. The band members seemed locked into a trance in their own killer gear stations as they were bathed in an amazing red and orange light show that was half retro and half futuristic. Everything about it was a 10. Crystal clear vocals without a sour note. Every player in the band had there own killer gear station and seemed so locked into a trance in each tune bristling with character and color.

We actually got to the dancing - sitting down, standing up, sitting down, standing up! A wave of euphoria hit me hard and I felt slightly Mali-ish (not the country - you know the other stuff that I probably mis-spelled). The tunes were all orchestrated with throbbing synths that were actually played, percussive textured guitars, percussion orchestra a plenty, fuzzed out perky bass, a drummer named Pat who held down all this glory, an array of super tight and smart background vocals, and of course James Murphy extraordinarily leading the pack.

I felt high during the show and afterwards. Now I get it and now I got it and will cherish this memory for a long time. This is why I love live shows and will always seek the shit out no matter how large the venue. Get your tired asses out there and take a chance, you never know what you might miss. Thank you James Murphy, thank you LCD, and always thanks to TV On The Radio, you lovely people got this old bro high off your art. I needed that.


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